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Wiseman Integrative Services & Programs

In person and online services guide you to ease and efficiency for more enjoyable living.  Neuromuscular Therapy, Movement and . Functional Fitness and Corrective Exercise. Invest in your health to avoid ongoing medical expenses. From Injury prevention and recovery to postural adjustments or simple health and weight maintentance. Services to help you Breakthrough to a Better You!.

Restorative Bodywork

Integrative manual therapy combining multiple modalities for deep relief and enhanced physical efficiency.

Virtual Sessions

Movement as massage and independent instruction for easing discomforts and repatterning habitual movement.

Functional Fitness

Modern living puts repetetive strains on our bodies in multiple manners. Functional movement and corrective exercise allows active longevity enjoyment.

Health Coaching

Guidance & support for positive lifestyle change including eating patterns, physical activity, mental attitude and outlook.

Online Programs

Self paced elearning, group instruction with coaching, Start right away with these online course offerings!

Mindful Movement

Explorations of in the moment non-judgemental compassionate awareness in action. Learning to tune in and let go. Getting there while being here now.

Trusted by Hundreds of Happy Humans

Chronic pain client M …

“Working with Wendy has given me long periods of time with no pain at all. I have never had such relief. I am no longer on opiates.”

Lasting Results

There is no magic pill or quick fix! Deprivation diets and fitness fads don’t do it over the long term. Positive lifestyle change doesn’t have to be complicated or involve hours of cardio and noisy gyms. Simple strategies for health make it easy and almost effortless to achieve lifelong well-being. 

“I really enjoyed the self-care strategies. It’s gentle and not hard at all. Easy to incorporate throughout my day.”

About Me

I’m a mover and a shaker, 50+ GenXer, fierce female Founder/Creator of programs such as The WISE Way, The PRAISE Method, WISE Choices Simple Health System, The ME TIME Method as well as the wonderful membership community the Tension Taming Toolbox Tribe for Better Movement, Less Pain, More Energy, Longevity Success and Healthy Happiness with less effort.

As a Certified Health Coach, Neuromuscular Therapist and Human Movement Specialist I guide tense tired busy professionals, especially frustrated feel-old folks over 40 out of aching discomfort, away from ongoing fatigue and beyond frustrating limitations with simple strategies for enjoying lifelong health and well-being.

My mission is creating a better world with Happier Healthier Humans.

Life’s an adventure. Don’t believe the hype about getting older. 

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Wendy S Wiseman

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