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I’m Wendy. I’m not a healer, I don’t “fix” you (you aren’t “broken” “wrecked” “or “messed up”) I’m a health catalyst helping you reawaken and activate the innate healing you have within so that you enjoy the relief restoration results you desire.

My mission is creating a better world with Happier Healthier Humans.

As a 50+ GenXer, fierce female Founder/Creator having recovered from the discomforts and limitations of arthritis, weight gain, and hormonal imbalances that come with getting older, I’ve created programs such as WISE Choices, The Tension Taming Toolbox Tribe, and The PRAISE Method for Less Pain, Better Movement, More Energy, Simple Health and Longevity Success that seems easy and almost effortless.

Additionally, I host supportive and motivational community offerings at Facebook.com/groups @LessPainMoreEnergy and @WeAreHappierHealthierHumans and @TamingYourTension

I specialize in guiding tense tired busy professionals and frustrated feel-old folks over 40 out of aching discomfort and irritating fatigue to move beyond frustrating limitations with simple strategies for enjoying lifelong health and well-being. Visit HappierHealthierHumans.com for details.

 A massage & bodywork professional of over 20 years, and a student of movement for over 3 decades, I am passionate about creating ease & efficiency for the body in motion. Learn more about my experience and certifications at WisemanIntegrative.com.

I’m a Buckeye!

Born and raised in delightful Dayton Ohio

Proud Dog Mom

My dear boy is a white GSD named Max (Maximillion) 

Nor Cal Gal

Loving living in Northern California

Outdoor Enthusiast

Thrive and feel alive in the mountains or on the coast.

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Wendy S Wiseman

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